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House of Ashburn

Men's Heritage Leather Oversized Sneaker (grey)

Men's Heritage Leather Oversized Sneaker (grey)

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The House of Ashburn signature heritage print in the color grey adds a touch of understated luxury, complemented by large, flat laces for a timeless look.

Crafted with a touch of sophistication. Perforated detailing along the upper enhances breathability, while the oversized white rubber sole delivers a contemporary edge. Making these sneakers the perfect blend of style, function, comfort.

Size Table

US Size Eur Size Insole Length
3 Men 35 22.5cm
4 Men 36 23.2cm
5 Men 37 23.9cm
5.5 Men 38 24.6cm
6 Men 39 25.2cm
7 Men 40 25.9cm
8 Men 41 26.6cm
8.5 Men 42 27.2cm
9 Men 43 27.9cm
10 Men 44 28.6cm
11 Men 45 29.2cm
12 Men 46 29.9cm
12.5 Men 47 30.6cm
13 Men 48 31.2cm
14 Men 49 31.9cm
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